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I can sense that the mildness of afternoon will give way to chill with the arrival of evening. The air has that feeling. It's definitely that time of year. We still have fresh peaches, but I'm beginning to think about persimmons. Though I welcome the crispness, its arrival makes me a bit sad. I'm always somewhat ambivalent about the arrival of fall, but I think there's a bit more negativity in my feelings this year since I've been unwell so much of the summer. I'm missing a big chunk of time, and that's disturbing. Also, I still don't know how my stiff joints are going to react when the weather gets much colder. It all adds up to more than normal anxiety. And now there's additional trouble:

Too Much Kitty Information:

The kitty is not feeling well. I think she is either constipated or has a urinary tract blockage. She moves gingerly around the yard, pausing to dig shallow holes, then squats over them briefly and ineffectually. I can't tell what she's failing to do, as she's doing nothing at all. That's one of the problems with having a cat who refuses to use a litter box. It's very difficult to monitor them. I gave her a bowl of milk a while ago (the remedy of first resort when treating a cat for constipation), but she didn't drink any of it. She just sniffed it, then went to squat under a rose bush, with no result. Once in a while she lets out a complaining "mrowr" and licks herself, but so far no luck.

Poor kitty. I'd arrange to take her to the vet, but she is psychic and will react to anyone even thinking about the vet by running away through the hole in the back fence. I suspect that this cat would manage to run on four broken legs rather than be caught and taken to the vet. In any case, if she has done something foolish such as swallow a bone from one of the birds she has slaughtered and gotten it caught in her intestines, well she wouldn't be getting the surgery to have it removed anyway. This kitty chose to live in a household lacking the means for kitty surgery, so she'll have to deal with the consequences. I hope she manages to recover by nightfall, because I know she won't want to come in the house until she's emptied her bowels, and it's probably going to get colder than she likes to be out there tonight. I'll end up checking on her every fifteen minutes, and we'll both be miserable.

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