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Dry [Sep. 17th, 2006|03:35 pm]
The essence of the moment is warm, dry grass. The smell of it is pervasive today. Part of a dandelion arrives to colonize my arid lawn, intricate white fretwork catching afternoon light. It settles through stillness and vanishes behind a bush. There is a bird cracking nuts somewhere nearby, the slow rhythm of pecks echoing along the deserted street. A bit of drifting spider silk brushes my face. I could easily mistake it for one of my more substantial thoughts.

Sunday Verse

(This is a piece by Yvor Winters that I've posted before, but one of my favorites, and there's nothing else that suits my mood today quite so well.)

The Empty Hills

Flintridge, Pasadena

The grandeur of deep afternoons,
The pomp of haze on marble hills,
Where every white-walled villa swoons
Through violence that heat fulfills,

Pass tirelessly and more alone
Than kings that time has laid aside.
Safe on their massive sea of stone
The empty tufted gardens ride.

Here is no music, where the air
Drives slowly through the airy leave.
Meaning is aimless motion where
The sinking hummingbird conceives.

No book nor picture has inlaid
This life with darkened gold, but here
Men passionless and dumb invade
A quiet that entrances fear.

-by Yvor witners