rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Less Than Squat

We're getting a lot of visits from squirrels now. They are coming to raid the walnut tree in the back yard. Their antics provide a bit of a break in the monotony of the declining days.

I got one of the redesigned nickles in change recently. It's the first time I've seen one (this is one of the advantages of hardly ever buying anything.) I find it quite ugly. The gigantic Jefferson face on the obverse is both creepy and cheesy, the cheesiness I think arising from the fact that it reminds me of the giant floating "Zardoz" head. The reverse of the coin I got has the commemoration of Lewis and Clark's arrival at the Pacific, and that's just bland and a bit dopey. Maybe some of the other reverse designs aren't as bad. On the whole, though, I'd say this is a crappy redesign in keeping with the crappy redesigns given our paper currency in recent years. I especially dislike those giant heads they've all got on them. What the hell are those about?


I'm also not at all happy about the fact that I don't have squat to say these days. Where the hell has my concentration gone?
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