rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Night's full of glinty bits of moonlight. The cat goes exploring while I sit and watch the pale light slither here and there. Someone has watered a lawn nearby, leaving the air a fresh scent. It's cool enough outdoors now, but returning to the house I'll find it stuffy. It was stuffy late this afternoon when I took an unintentional nap which lasted till sunset. I missed dinner, which is just as well as it was something I find repellent. I'll make some soup in a while. I have baby carrots, green beans, celery, zucchini, baby spinach, bok choy and bean sprouts to put in it.

The cat wonders why I eat that stuff. She'd be happier if I tossed chunks of flesh into the pot and then shared them with her. I still couldn't chew the flesh though. Slightly underdone veggies I can munch, but anything tougher tires my jaw too quickly. I can't wait until I can chew tortilla chips again. Mmm, nachos. In the meantime, I've been having dreams about buildings being renovated. I guess that means I'm getting better. The condition of the buildings in the dreams is a bit disconcerting, though. There's an awful lot to be done. How did everything get so ratty over the years? It's been longer than I think, I think.
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