rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Less Is Not More

I see less of what I look at. As I walk the back yard near dusk, I might be one of the undead, a zombie shambling back and forth barely aware of it surroundings. I ate no brains,though. Only a soup full of vegetables and noodles. I probably couldn't have chewed the brains. My jaw still gets sore when chewing anything that isn't mushy. Well, I guess that means I could probably chew a lot of people's brains, but I'd need some way through the thick skulls.

Twenty minutes sitting at the computer still makes my neck sore too. I'm ending up watching an awful lot of television. A lot of awful television. Same thing. At least there are a few old movies on now and then to give me a break. And at least it continues to be nice outdoors. Still, I grow ever more impatient to get back to normal. My life is far too dull.

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