rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Walked half a mile. That's total distance walked, not how far from the house I got. I actually got no more than a couple dozen feet from the house. It's amazing how sore it made me. A couple of years ago half a mile was nothing. Half a mile was a warm-up. Now it wears me out. Feh.

Another slightly earlier dusk bringing another slightly longer night. The last birds are singing their last songs before returning to their nests. A couple of crickets are chirping. I hear a lawn sprinkler nearby. It will make the air smell slightly less dry. I might go out and take in a bit more of the evening. My head still feels dull. I can't quite recall what it was that I used to find so engaging about times of day and the changing of the light. If I sit quietly in the dusk for a while maybe it will come back to me.

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