rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So I kicked the pain killer to see what was underneath. I was not surprised to find it had grown worse while masked. There was earache- not a good sign at all, I'm sure. Bits of seep were possible, but accompanied by near delirium. Everything tastes odd now. I find myself repelled by citrus. Also, my keyboard skills have gone completely to hell.

Late afternoon was lovely, once the sun had been concealed by the pines. Bright light is appalling. I sat in backyard shade and watched the cat nap. I'm going to try another night without the ibuprofen. It was beginning to do a number on my digestion anyway. Head yanking scheduled for Thursday, but I'm doubting that it's going to bring any real improvement. Pessimism sets in.

This screen is too bright, must shut down.
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