rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Bad Stuff. Skip It.

Took ibuprofen. It hasn't kicked in yet. I was hoping to keep the dose down to two a day at most, but I just went through several hours of excruciating pain waiting for four o'clock. The headache is still bad, and my jaw still hurts like hell, but the most distressing symptom now is the burning throat. Two possible things I've considered- either this is not just the result of the displaced atlas, or the fact that I can't swallow the pills whole and must let them dissolve and swallow the chunks. OK, my sentence structure just went to hell. I don't feel like fixing it.

I let Advil dissolve in my mouth. It sort of burns where it touches. That might be what is causing the burning in my throat and esophagus, which has continued for hours. Or this might actually be a throat infection of some sort, or maybe tetanus or something equally alarming. Or just my hypochondria returning. I suppose I should try to find a regular doctor and get a diagnosis, but no insurance would mean spending a nonexistent fortune for tests and crap.

Can't think clearly on too little sleep and too much pain. One of the most infuriating things is that, below the neck, I don't feel all that bad aside from some soreness and stiff joints. I could be out doing stuff if various parts of my head weren't trying to kill me.

Worst July ever. Worst entry ever.
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