rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Stuff Warmed Over

Spider under my window sill is gone. I've been so distracted I didn't notice when she left. Maybe she was another heat related casualty. Maybe she dropped to the floor and her tiny cadaver is now becoming part of the baseboard dust behind the desk. I don't like to think about what's behind the furniture. I don't like to think about what's in the air.

Advil before bed didn't work very well. I managed only a bit over two hours of sleep before being wakened by head pain. Ice application followed, leading to another two hours of sleep, interrupted two or three times so it was spread out over three hours. There were dreams of some sort, or maybe just fever hallucinations, but the memory of them is so vague I can't say for sure what they were about. I didn't like them, though.

Sun-brightened or shadow-dark, green dominates my view. At the moment, I'm not finding it very restful. My eyes have grown terribly sensitive to glare. More disturbing is the cobweb I've not yet cleaned from the outside of my window. It's full of dead insects, moths predominating. I think I'll go sweep those down right now. Then another pill and more ice. I need this to be over soon.

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