rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Running Down

The afternoon medication wore off before midnight. It was like waking up to find reality worse than a nightmare. I felt both as though I'd been beaten about the head and as though I'd come down with influenza. I was also exhausted, having had no more than five hours sleep the day before. I don't want to overdo the ibuprofen, wanting to save it for bedtime, so I took an aspirin. It did little. After a fitful nap, I endured a few hours of worsening agony. I downed the Advil a few minutes ago. I hope it takes effect soon. I need that sleep.

Thinking back over the most miserable times in my life, I'd say the current time ranks about #6. If it continues like this for a couple more days, it will move up the ranks even without worsening.

So, my bones have defeated me. My spirit has been beaten to a pulp. I'm going to have to cut back even more on my time at the computer, and especially the time using the keyboard. The position in which I have to put my arms and my head in order to use it greatly intensifies the pain in everything above my shoulders within three minutes. I'm screwed.

Other than that, a nice night.

I am, however, wondering what has brought about so many deletions in July:





Disturbing, and the month not yet over. Hey, maybe I am having a nightmare, and will soon wake to find everything as it was.

What a pleasant lie to tell myself as I try to fall asleep.

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