rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Swelter and Ache

It's far more enjoyable to be a hypochondriac than it is to actually have something wrong with you. For one thing, it costs a lot less, provided you're not one of those hypochondriacs who has to have all the latest tests. I was always quite happy to suspect that I had some terrible disease which was undoubtedly incurable and thus there was no point in spending money on doctors. Now, actually having to get my neck straightened out is costing plenty. The list of stuff I now have to not buy is getting longer and longer.

The cross street is being worked on today, right near the end of my block. I keep hearing the noise. They might be patching the pavement, though I'm not smelling any hot tar yet. It needs patching. A couple of good-sized potholes opened up in it during the very wet months. Practically every street in town needs patching, in fact, and some need complete repaving. This has become much more noticeable to me since my neck has been out of joint. Some of the main roads have so many patches already that they're incredibly bumpy. It's downright painful to ride on those roads.

The day is slightly less hot than yesterday. The paper had a story about young bats who have been falling from their perches under a Sacramento overpass during the day and frightening passersby. I wonder if they're fainting? The bats, I mean, not the passersby. The valley is almost always hotter than the mountains, so the last week has been even more hellish down there than it's been here. The glare is just as bad, though. I have to be careful when going out to allow myself to gradually become accustomed to the light, so I won't sneeze. Sneezing, it turns out, is very painful to my jaw when it's jambed up the way it still is.

Have to start getting ready for my appointment. Everything takes longer to do now.

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