rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Ow Ow Ow

Creatures abroad. Raccoons climbing the trees, a skunk releasing its scent, deer passing by twice. Yesterday, I dreamed of beasts. I dreamed the big dog next door was napping on my front walk, and my cat was fearlessly inspecting him. Later I dreamed that that dog and two more big dogs were in the front yard an my cat was playing with them. I've been dreaming a lot about he cat lately. In my dreams the skittish creature is always braver than I am. She tempts danger. Maybe she's not braver but just more foolish than I am.

I think it's going to take aspirin to get me to sleep again this morning. Yesterday it took two doses, as massive headache woke me after only a few hours of sleep. This afternoon's appointment is the last for a week, as the doctor is going out of town. Whatever I'm left with today I'll have to live with for seven days-- unless I'm lucky enough to die before then. Aspirin seems to be losing its potency. I wonder how long before I have to move on to the hard drugs?

It's possible that I have a fever, but I can't tell for sure with the air so hot. It's said that a deer can split your head open with a single blow of a hoof. I must stay on good terms with the deer. Never can tell when I might need one to perform a service for me.

Can't sleep yet as the trash must be taken out, and I want a bit of light to do that. Always stuff to do, regardless. If I survive this summer, I'll surely curse its memory.

I hope spellcheck can fix all these typos. I don't feel like proofreading.

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