rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The clouds are beautiful, but evil. Dawn revealed them extending to every horizon, so dark and thick that I expected there might be a summer storm. Rumor has it that a few sprinkles fell while I slept, but all I experienced was the oppressive humidity they brought. Though they deflected some of the sun's heat, the afternoon was still hot, and the clouds thinned enough by three o'clock to permit full sunlight to fall upon the lower air which rapidly became unbearable. Even now, with the last of the pink light fading from the remaining clouds, stepping out the door is more like entering a busy foundry than a forest. I'm not at all sorry to see this day end-- except for the likelihood that tomorrow may be worse.

My head has been readjusted a bit more, but at the moment I can't feel any improvement. One disadvantage of the current position of things is that my jaw won't open wide enough for me to put a full-thickness sandwich between my teeth. I'd say I've got about half an inch of clearance before serious pain sets in. That severely limits my food options. If it gets much worse, I'll have to go onto a liquid diet. Oh, wait. Taht means I could go on a beer diet! Maybe I'll stop worrying about it getting worse.

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