rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

No Thinking

Thuggish neighbor kept riding his noisy little clown bike up and down the block last evening, but I fell into a fitful sleep anyway. When I finally woke, the last of sunset was fading, and a cluster of clouds in the northwest was like a vast purple bruise, red at the center.

My headache actually went away for a few hours after the nap. The heat in the house did not. It's still here, in fact, and the headache is back. Today is another head-yanking day, but not until five o'clock this evening. I'd like to sleep the entire time, but I won't be able to. I'll wake after five hours or so-- unless I drown in my own sweat, of course. That's looking like an attractive option.

I went to search for something on Teh Interwebs and accidentally discovered this page containing an article from a 1909 issue of The Los Angeles Examiner in which a proposal to turn a long stretch of the Los Angeles River into a lake is revealed. I found it interesting partly because I recall a similar proposal being made in the early 1980's. Neither proposal came to anything, of course. I like the illustration accompanying the Examiner article, though. The idea of a riverfront parkway with trains running through it seems quaint at this late date, as do the optimistic puffs of smoke rising from what must be factory chimneys in the adjacent neighborhoods. Who sees cities that way anymore? I sometimes think that a trip to early 20th century America would reveal a world more strange than would a trip to any early 21st century city on the other side of the world.

Computer off and lights out before my head explodes.

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