rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Animals are passing from our lives

Who wrote that poem? Was it Reverdy? I can't remember. I'll have to root through my books and see if I can find it. But I was reminded of it when I went outside and felt the smallest drops of rain on my face, and thought for a moment that I heard something trotting along the street in the darkness. A fox?

It has been several years since I have seen a fox here. There used to be foxes almost nightly, in the warmer weather. I like the sound of them barking. Rather like a poodle doing an impression of Axl Rose- or vice-versa. They would make a whistling sound, as well. Cute, shy little grey guys with bushy tails. I wonder where they have all gone?

We once had tree frogs here, as well. It has been almost as long since I have seen one of them as it has been since I've seen (or heard) a fox. The last tree frog I saw actually came in the house. I saw him one night, hopping across the living room floor. He took up residence in a potted plant for a couple of days. Then, a few nights later, I saw him on the wall near the front door. I left the door standing open for a few minutes, and he hopped out. That was the last I saw of the last tree frog I have seen. I suppose that some may still live in the deeper woods nearby, but they no longer visit my yard. I miss the frogs, as well as the foxes.

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