rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Yanking Day

The big boat went up the street a while ago and is now parked at the end of the block. The thing must be at least thirty feet long. It has a huge SUV to drag it. When oil prices go up, the owners are going to wish they'd gotten a sailboat instead, and a smaller car.

Got my head yanked, and another appointment for Friday. It will still be ungodly hot on Friday. It also looks as though some overcast is forming now, so tonight might get muggy as well as hot.

Today's noise was brought to me by work being done on a driveway a block away. One of the machines caused my bedroom door to vibrate, and it sounded like something electric about to fry. Woke me up. It's nice to know that if anything electric starts to fry while I'm sleeping, the sound of it will probably wake me. I no longer have a cat who sleeps in my room and serves as a warning device. Sugar sleeps outdoors most days, and would undoubtedly just watch the house burn down with me in it. I miss the cats who cared what happened to me.

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