rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Boo, Noise!

It was noisy here today. Everybody in the neighborhood had machinery going- trucks, motorbikes, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, that sort of thing. Thuggish Neighbor rode up and down the block several times on his tiny, unstable motorbike (almost like a little clown bike from a circus) while wearing nothing but shorts and shoes. I expected to at least see blood, or maybe even watch his brains being scraped from the pavement, but he never fell. Ah, well. The summer is young. There'll be plenty more warm afternoons.

It was very hot, too, with only a few scattered clouds to occasionally soften the sunlight. The sunset is quite nice, though, the line of clouds to the west having turned that especially lurid shade of red they sometimes become in summer. The sky being mostly clear, night may turn pleasantly cool. I must remember to water the sourgrass. Things have quieted down. Not even Thuggish Neighbor is foolish enough to ride his tiny clown bike in the dark. I'll be able to sit on the porch cooling off and listening to the water burbling from the hose. Maybe the all-day headache will even go away.

Red sky at night, sailor's delight.

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