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Back to using the air conditioner today. Whenever it cycles off, it only takes two or three minutes before I begin to feel as though I had a fever. (OMG! West Nile Virus!) The yard is beginning to look a bit ratty. The lawn is brown, I've never gotten around to chopping off the dead lilies, and most of the bushes are overgrown. It's rather a rustic look. I don't mind. I sometimes think I'd like to have the place completely overgrown, to the point where it would look as though Miss Havisham might live here. As long as the house doesn't burn down, though.

I don't know how I've overlooked this for so long: Extensive excerpts from Robert Wright's "Nonzero: The Logic of Human Destiny" are available at this web site. Since I can't afford to buy many books anymore, and almost never get a chance to go get them from the library, I like finding big chunks of fairly recent books on teh Internets. Yay Internets. I especially enjoyed this excerpt which was adapted for publication in The New Yorker several years ago, in which Wright explains why the late Stephen Jay Gould was the creationists' favorite evolutionist. I always find irony at least mildly entertaining.

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