rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Through Another Night

I did something I haven't done in ages, but which I did regularly before Sluggo came to live with me: I watched documentaries on television all night. I'd forgotten how dumb some of them are. I did enjoy one I saw on the Discovery channel which was about SWATH ships.

The moon is waning but still fat, and the dense summer shadows of the trees were flecked with bits of its light that reminded me of broken bits of glass. I went out when the sky was just beginning to turn pale with approaching dawn and watched the moon shadows fade. A cricket was making its soft courting chirp in the flower bed by the porch. It was very restful.

God luck to Jesse, who has gone to the dogs, where he probably won't have to deal with as much bitching as he did at LJ. Dogster (and Catster) are like Friendster for beasts but (of course) much nicer.

I'm managing not to feel terribly crappy at the moment. Now to see if I can sleep for a few hours without twisting my neck into some weird position.

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