rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


My head still hasn't come off, though it felt as though it might a couple of times. The Queen of Hearts is undoubtedly disappointed. Still, I sense a definite improvement. I have to move about frequently to prevent my joints from stiffening up. Aside from that, I feel no more than halfway crappy.

There was another butterfly in the yard today. It was large, and had markings similar to those of a monarch but the color was much paler. There were bees, too, feeding at the sourgrass flowers. The blue jays have been having a party in the mulberry tree much of the afternoon and evening. I haven't seen the afternoon squirrel for a couple of days, though. It's likely that, as I expected, the smell of cat has discouraged it from using the mulberry as a napping spot.

It's going to get extremely hot over the weekend, but it ought to cool down early next week. I'd rather not have to use the air conditioner, as one of the effects of my recent neck adjustments is that my leg joints are aching. Cold air is bound to aggravate that. The next head-yanking is scheduled to take place Tuesday afternoon.

A nice evening tonight, at least.

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