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Dopey [Jul. 6th, 2006|04:14 am]
Night becomes crisp, slowing the crickets' chirps, and the prematurely fallen leaves from the oak next door crunch underfoot, making it seem more like October than July. I know the day will bring heat to swiftly follow the early dawn, but while the darkness lasts I can imagine that it is autumn.

When the moon was yet visible among the western pines, I heard the deer passing down the street. They didn't linger. I think they've already eaten most of the roses on the block, so they were likely eager to get to some other place which still has tasty flowers on which to snack.

Feeling sleepy all of a sudden. Think I'll put my dopey head to bed.

Oh-- first, here's an alternative to TinyURL. There's something about hosting small (up to 400x400 pixel) images, too (in the last FAQ), but the paragraph is ambiguously written so I don't know exactly what that's about.