rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Alarmingly brown, the lawn nevertheless continues to attract a large number of feeding birds. The various pairs of nesting jays in particular are quite active. The pairs often have elaborate conversations with one another while hopping about the grass, pecking various morsels from it. They do this during the hottest part of the afternoon, while the cat is still napping on the other side of the house. I haven't heard any baby birds yet, and the nests are too deep within the bushes to be visible, But I suspect that there must be eggs by now. Once they've hatched, I don't see how the cheeping of the hatchlings can fail to attract the cat's attention.

Today's yanks on my neck were particularly startling. I expect to experience great soreness later. Lot's of icing (not the pleasant icing on the cake type of icing, but the icing like the icy hand of death contained in a sealed plastic bag) is in order. I hope my offended skull doesn't try to crush my brain tonight.

Must not sit here looking at the monitor for too long.

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