rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The night became very cool. It would have been a good time to watch the stars, but I thought it best not to bend my neck back too much. A chaise lounge would come in handy now. It might be a waste to buy one though, as my head will probably be exploding at any moment. I did get to watch the moon for a while, as it settled among the pines.

The kitty decided to spend her outdoor time in the mulberry tree. A sensible precaution, I'm sure, given the fact that something might be out there that would chase her up it in any case. If the tree begins to smell like cat, though, the squirrel who has been napping there in the afternoons will probably decide to go elsewhere. I'd miss the squirrel's visits.

After many hours, I gave in and took an aspirin. It greatly diminished the aching, but I find myself still somewhat dazed. It's as though all the little trained monkeys in my head were on dope. My keyboard skills have gone crappy. Spellcheck is going to get a workout. Also, I feel a bit dizzy. This is like having all the disadvantages of being drunk, but with none of the advantages.

Eager for this to be over. I might down another aspirin before sleeping, to diminish the chances of being wakened by masses of blood vessels bursting inside my head. Realy need sleep.

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