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Something treed the cat a while ago. I don't know if it was another kitty or some other creature. I didn't get a look at it. All I heard was the running and yowling, and Sugar scrambling up the tree trunk. By the time I got out there, whatever it was had vanished. Sugar wouldn't come down from the tree for ten minutes, though, and then headed directly for the house. I'm going to be wondering what creature could have scared her so badly, and whether or not it's going to be coming back.

My head didn't hurt for a while. Now it hurts again.

Sunday Verse

Another Place

by Mark Strand

I walk
into what light
there is

not enough for blindness
or clear sight
of what is to come

yet I see
the water
the single boat
the man standing

he is not someone I know

this is another place
what light there is
spreads like a net
over nothing

what is to come
has come to this

this is the mirror
in which pain is asleep
this is the country
nobody visits

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