rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Emergency plumbing had to be done today. There was a minor flood which was, fortunately, confined to the garage. Laundry was postponed. A giant stomped about on the roof and inserted a mechanical serpent into the bowels of the house. The house groaned and shuddered, but the obstruction was broken and now the reamed pipes perform their proper functions. I am pleased not to have been the one who had to go onto the scorching roof, so near the appalling sun. For one thing, my sense of balance is a bit more off than usual. For another, I still have the headache. An aching head is such a distraction to concentration that I'm sure I'd have plunged to the sweet release of death. As attractive as that prospect currently sounds, it would be inconvenient timing. Lots of things are in need of sorting.

Ice the neck now.

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