rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Night released a wind, and the sick oak tree next door released a bunch of its already dessicated leaves, filling the darkness with the rattling sound of autumn. An absence of clouds allowed the air to cool, enhancing the illusion. I left my window open and imagined that it was October and that the torrid summer had passed. A sudden whiff of gardenia returned me to the present.

Later, while standing on the front porch, I listened to a small herd of deer pass. If I'd had the water running, they might have come into the yard for a drink again. I'd like to leave the hose running every night, but water is costly here.

Sugar's admirer hasn't mad an appearance for about thirty hours now. Maybe he's found some other kitty who actually shows some interest in him.

My head is starting to hurt again. It's probably from sitting at this computer. Time to shut it down.

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