rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Midnight arrived, and there was silent heat lightning illuminating the clouds. It continued for a few minutes, and then there was only the warm darkness and still air and the chirping crickets. Later, dogs barked. The barking came from the south and passed among the local dogs, then was taken up by more northerly dogs until it finally faded from my hearing somewhere up where the road bends to avoid the canyon. The barks might have continued on into the mountains, echoing from one isolated house to another until dying at the edge of the unpopulated forest. Here in my neighborhood, the dogs had probably gone back to sleep already, dreaming of running free. Dogs behind fences must have such dreams. I still sometimes have them myself.

Five years today since I created this journal, though the first entry did not appear until June 29th. There are 3730 entries (not including this one) and 10,240 comments. Dude! Seriously! I can't believe I've spent five years doing this!

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