rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So I had the hose pouring a nice stream of water to irrigate the sourgrass bordering the flower bed under the front window. I heard the cat frolicking on the porch, and I opened the door to see what was up. It was only the usual cat lunacy brought on by exuberance and a mild night. I watched her for a moment, then saw her freeze and peer toward the far end of the flower bed where the hose was burbling. I flicked on my flashlight and turned it that way, thinking I might see a raccoon or skunk.

Instead, two large gray forms suddenly leaped toward the street, and there was the sound of hooves clattering on the driveway. Deer had been drinking from the hose-- no more than twenty feet from where I stood-- and had ignored my presence (and the cat's antics) until I'd turned the light toward them, whereupon they panicked and fled. I heard several other deer run down the street following the two which had been in my yard. Had I known they were there, I wouldn't have disturbed them. The whole small herd might have come to drink from the hose, one by one.

The overcast has persisted, making the sight of stars rare and keeping the still night air unusually warm. Other than the brief noise of the fleeing deer, there has been no sound of wildlife all night, other than the now ubiquitous crickets, whose chirping is ceaseless while the dark lasts. The summer night vibrates.

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