rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Vapors filled the sky in the form of tiny puffs of summer cloud. The sultry, muggy air matched the sky. It was oddly tropical. I had the sudden desire to see papaya, banana, mango and macadamia trees growing in the yard. Maybe a few coconut palms. The pines and oaks failed to transform themselves, though, and the blue jays remained blue jays instead of becoming brightly colored parrots. I contented myself with eating a slice of casaba and listening to mambo. Not the same.

Three of the four bushes in the front yard have nesting pairs of blue jays in them. Either the cat is going to feast this year, or it's going to get very noisy here in a few weeks. Baby blue jays are surprisingly loud, and their cries incessant from morning to night. I'm pretty sure I'm being set up to be punished for something, but I don't know what.

Also, I've got the feeling it won't be cooling down much tonight. It could be a tough summer ahead.

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