rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There was an entertaining display of avian behavior in and around my mulberry tree today. At least three pairs of blue jays were engaged in what I presume was their courtship ritual. Watching their antics (and listening- oh, they were loud), I had the feeling that I was hanging out at a bird singles bar-- and a rowdy one, at that. I couldn't tell which couples were which, or if they hadn't even finished pairing off yet and were only engaged in a competition to see who got what. It was fun to watch, though. Oddly, my cat was outside watching,too, and didn't even chase any of the birds. Maybe she knows that if she leaves them unmolested to mate, there will soon be tender baby birds, much tastier than the adults.

We finally had to turn on the air conditioner this evening. It was only for a couple of hours, but I still wish we could have put it off a bit longer. It got so hot, though.

Oh, and I got the first casaba of the season. Summer's redemption!

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