rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Burned Only by Sun

A gardenia has bloomed. I don't think we've ever had gardenias and jasmine blooming at the same time before. My nose is about to OD. I wonder if it will shrivel up and fall off? (My nose, I mean, not the gardenia- I know the gardenia will shrivel up and fall off, eventually.) I'd have to get a fake nose, of course. I'd look terrible without a nose.

I heard a helicopter fly low over the house this afternoon, and thought it might be a CDF craft on its way to a brushfire. I don't smell any smoke yet, though. The fact that everywhere else has already begun to burn this year has me suspecting that it won't be long before it starts burning here. Most years, the worst local fires come in late summer and early fall, but this has been an odd year in many ways. I hope the burning is put off indefinitely. Evacuation would be so inconvenient.

It's probably cool enough to shower and get dry now. I dislike showering on those days when the house is so hot that I sweat faster than I can towel off. At least we've avoided using the air conditioner for one more day, though. Yay for not overfeeding the PG&E company!

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