rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Inexplicable sneezes. Has another plant begun spewing pollen? I don't know what's going to bloom next. The odd course of the year's weather has thrown every plant's schedule off. Tonight, for example, is surprisingly chilly for late June. The day, however, was as hot as one might have expected so near the summer solstice. In fact, we will likely have days of 100 degrees later this week, but the next several nights are predicted to remain in the low sixties. Ah, such diurnal extremes.

The birds are being uncommonly quiet this morning. I don't feel much like singing, myself. I noticed an odd thing last night. When I bend my head downward, sounds get louder. I discovered this when I was trying to locate the source of a particular cricket's song. It was surprising how much louder it got when my head was bent parallel with the ground, with the top pointed toward the sound. I've never known this to happen before. It seems unlikely that I'd never have noticed such a thing before were it a long-standing thing, so it must be new. Weird.

Weirder to come, I don't doubt.

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