rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Moon-blind (walking south I see the gibbous light unobscured by cloud and free of the dark trees), I stubbed my toe on a bit of suburban impedimenta (a piece of scalloped concrete meant to prevent the lawn from invading the sidewalk) and banged my nose on the black metal post of the lamp which hasn't worked in years (another inch to one side, I'd have sliced my scalp open on the sharp metal corner of the awkwardly decorative bulb housing.) Inanimate objects, envious and malevolent, wish to render inert all that is alive. I'm sure it was blankets, for example, which conspired to wrench my neck from its proper position. Another reason to reduce the number of things in the world.

Cricket in tha house, yo! It's small and brown, so probably young, and I found it crawling in the small bathroom a while ago. The small bathroom is perhaps eighteen feet from the front door, and perhaps the cricket entered the house from there, and perhaps it hitched a ride on my pant-leg. I thought about nabbing it and releasing it back outdoors, but it looks awfully fragile, so I let it be. Maybe it will find its way into the towel I left lying on the floor, and will get carried out to the garage with the laundry. From there, it ought to find it easy enough to get back outside on its own.

Another bug, probably a mosquito, landed on the black surround of my monitor early this evening and was still there when I left the room. When I returned several hours later, its position hadn't changed. It's about the size and color of a small grain of unshelled brown rice, but it has a pointy face at one end. It looks rather nice against the black background. I don't know if it's dying, or dead, or simply using the heat from my desk lamp to stay warm on this surprisingly cool night. There's also the possibility that it's engorged and sleeping off the huge meal it most likely got from me, as I have an itchy welt on the back of my left hand. I'm going to leave this one be, too. If it's still there this afternoon, maybe I'll poke at it to see if it's expired. I have no idea which inanimate object it might have run afoul of, though.

The cat settled on the couch/bed and went to sleep just a few minutes ago, and now I must roust her. I'm loath to disturb her, but my head is barely hurting and this offers what will likely be my best chance of getting to sleep for quite a while. Though I endorse the idea of reducing the number of things in the world, I'd happily make an exception if I could have a separate couch and bed. It would be considerably less bother, and I wouldn't have to disturb the sleeping cat. Naps are precious events, and deserving of respect.

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