rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I came that close to whipping out the scissors and cutting all this excess hair off my head last night. I'd have looked like hell, but at least I'd have been more comfortable. But then I thought better (or worse) of it, and distracted myself from the irritation by wearing a knit cap. Fortunately, it was a fairly cool night. This will not serve as a long term solution, though. The hair must go, as soon as possible!

My neck needs to be yanked about and put back into its proper place as soon as possible, too. The limited range of motion available to me in its current state, and the persistent dull ache and occasional sharp pains with which it disturbs me, make many activities difficult and tedious. Thus far I've avoided taking any sort of pain killers for it, as the reduction of sensible pain would increase the likelihood that I would unknowingly knock the vertebrae even farther out of whack.

Eh. Almost no e-mail for days except a bit of spam. The denizens of the Internet must be hibernating. I might as well join them now.
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