rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A combination of too little sleep and a hot day has brought the return of my evening drowsiness. I sat down on the couch after dinner and was unable to rouse myself for an hour, but dozed my way into a series of odd but alluring half-dreams that left me disappointed by reality. I suppose I can expect this to become a frequent occurrence as the season progresses.

Earlier, a squirrel played in the mulberry tree just outside my window for several minutes. It looked right at me a few times, but was unconcerned by my presence. I was a bit resentful that the squirrel was obviously so much more energetic than I am. I wasn't good at tree climbing even as a boy, though fortunately I lack the scars to prove it. I never got high enough to do myself harm when I fell.

When dusk fell, Johann began chirping his soft courting song again. That is one long make-out session! I can still here other crickets singing loudly to attract females, but their numbers are diminishing. It sounds as though at least half the nearby crickets have gotten lucky so far. It won't be long before the nights are filled with mostly soft chirps. That will be restful.
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