rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


When excited about something, raccoons often grunt and squeal, sounding much like small pigs. Last night, I heard a raccoon fight going on some distance away. For such small beasts, they certainly can be loud. A few times, raccoon fights have taken place in my yard, and the racket is astonishing, and startling, especially when it suddenly bursts out of a quiet night. Distance made it less startling tonight, but it was still a disturbing thing to hear. Raccoons are mean to each other! They have some nasty claws on them, too. I was relieved when the fight ended- if it was a fight. Maybe they were just mating (shudder.)

I prefer hearing the barking of the squirrels, even if they are the most disgustingly cheery and cute creatures. They haven't shown up yet this morning, but I expect them at any time. They have a suitably bright, cheery day ahead of them. May they enjoy it, and avoid becoming roadkill. I have dark and moody dreams ahead of me, I hope. Maybe there'll be licorice in them. I dreamed about licorice a while back, which I was eating in a dusty, deserted theatre. I need more dreams about food.
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