rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The two squirrels who've taken to having a morning romp up and down the pine trees in the yard next door didn't show up during the rain, but they are back today. Their boundless energy wears me out. This time of day, I'd rather watch my lazy cat sleeping than see a pair of rambunctious squirrels making dizzying leaps from branch to branch.

What is it about nights before holidays that always leave me feeling sluggish? For me, holidays bring pretty much the same routine as other days, but their approach still depresses me. Maybe it's because for me they bring pretty much the same routine as other days, and I'd like at least a few days of the year to be genuinely different. Plus there's not even any mail delivery. Not that I ever get anything interesting in the mail, but there's always the possibility at least.

I'm just going to have to start ordering stuff off the Internets. Then I'll get packages to break up the monotony. I could start with pants. I still need pants. Yeah, a big package of pants delivered in a big truck would make an interesting break in the day.

Oh, crap. What the hell am I on about? It's a good thing it's bed time. I'm not fit company even for myself today.

Happy Memorial Day.

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