rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Oh so balmy, the day was filled with a nice assortment of birds and insects, and a few beasts. A good time was had by all, except those who were devoured (mostly the insects) I suppose- but even they must have had a good time up until the moment they became somebody else's delectable snack. I avoided being stung by several bees and being dumped on by several birds. A hummingbird failed to peck out my eye, and a jay failed to snatch any fur from the cat's head. The cat failed to snatch the jay or the hummingbird. So, despite a good time in general having been had, there were a few minor disappointments for some. Not for me, though. I enjoyed the whole thing. Even when the neighbor's dog spotted me in my yard and growled at me, I found it comical rather than annoying.

New moon on May 26th, leading to the last full moon of spring. The nearer future promises some wind and a return of clouds. I'm quite sure I can deal with that.

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