rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Those squirrels are at it again. They began scrambling up and down the pine trees when the sky had barely turned pale. Where do they get the energy? I think I might try an acorn diet. If it makes me move about in fits and starts, and wrinkle my nose all the time, I can always switch back to human food (unless I run out in front of a speeding car first, and end up squirrel-style roadkill.) Acorn paste probably wouldn't be any duller than the peanut butter I down by the ton now. Acorn butter and banana sandwiches! It could even turn out to be a nice change. I wonder if Martha Stewart has published an acorn cookbook (maybe with additional tips on how to turn the shells into lovely holiday decorations?)

I'm quite sure that the heat will now return. We've had repeated respites for several days, but the sky this morning is utterly free of definite clouds, and only slightly hazed with vapors that might become cloudish. At least the pines have finished their shameless springtime ejaculations, and the ground is no longer stained yellow by conifer spooge. There are other plants yet to have their flings, but none are apt to be quite so detrimental to my well-being. So, let the heat return. I'll kvetch, but I'll deal with it, as long as I can breathe a lungful of air not filled with something intended to impregnate a ponderosa. And, in another month, there will be the compensation of nights filled with the scent of jasmine. That's worth a little daily discomfort.

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