rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The squirrels are being quite persistently playful these days. The clocks remain deadly serious. Life would be more interesting if it were the other way around. Imagine squirrels going through a perfectly predictable routine every day, while clocks might go fast or slow, backward or forward, or just stop to have a snack of tasty acorns. People who were predictable would elicit comments such as "You can set your squirrel by him." It would be terribly inconvenient at times, but certainly lively. And for me, at least, it would be no worse than it is now. The clocks and I still aren't getting along. They keep telling me I ought to be doing something other than what I'm doing. Stupid, pushy clocks! If they had fuzzy tails, I'd be less annoyed by their behavior.
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