rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Oops! My last pair of pants without a hole in them just got a hole in them. Rats! Now I must arrange a trip to Chico to buy more clothes. The hole is still small, but I know from experience that it will rapidly grow. Once a pair of Levi's begins to unravel, full exposure is not far behind. Or, in this case (given the location of the hole), full behind is not far from exposure. If I don't go shopping soon, there will be the problem of what to wear to the shops. Malls, as a rule, demand of their customers full arse coverage. Maybe I'll end up shopping on-line, though that would mean actually activating The Card. The C*rd, I mean (sorry for the obscenity.) Why does stuff have to wear out? Shopping is such a pain!

During a brief period of partial clearness last night, I saw a meteor. It's almost entirely cloudy again this morning, but it hasn't rained for hours, so the pavement has dried out and is as gray as the sky. That little patch of blue in the west is ominous though. The day could turn sunny. What a depressing thought.

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