rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Is it dusk yet? Is it safe for me to open my eyes? Has Phoebus Apollo yet plunged the flaming Chariot of the Sun into the quenching depths of Ocean? I hear the crickets chirping, but sometimes they are driven to madness by the heat and begin to chirp while the scourging light still threatens to devour all life. I must be sure that the Sun is gone before I risk opening the thin drapes which are all that prevents my eyes from melting in their sockets. It's a wonder the cloth itself has not burst into flames, exposing me to the Solar Wrath! Each evening, I am amazed to find that I have not yet been reduced to a dessicated husk, awaiting the inevitable immolation which will turn the entire, sere world to cosmic dust.

In other words, it was a bit on the warm side again today.

Oh, cool! There are a few thin clouds, turned pink, and the sky is definitely getting darker. Reprieve! Now I can go out and lurk with all the other nocturnal creatures.

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