rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It takes me all night to recover from the day's heat. It also takes the house all night to cool off. I fear that nights will soon come when the house will not cool off. Then I will not recover.

I rescued a huge bug from the cat's outdoor water dish. I think it was a june bug (even the bugs are confused by the prematurely summery weather!) It had a big, bulbous body, a bit like a hornet's, but shiny and iridescent electric blue-green in color, and it was swimming in the water dish, its wet wings buzzing away to no avail. The sides of the dish were too slippery for its feet to get a purchase. It couldn't escape. I poured the water, bug and all, onto the ground under the rose bushes. An hour later, the bug was gone, so I guess it either got its wings dried out and flew away, or the cat ate it.

Yesterday afternoon, somebody visiting thuggish neighbor up the block left their dog in the back of their pickup truck, and the dog decided to get out and explore. It discovered the dog next door, who was locked into his back yard. I think the stray wanted to go in and visit, but couldn't, and the dog next door didn't want the company anyway, because he growled and snarled and barked the entire time the other dog whimpered and scratched at the locked gate. The neighbor dog launched himself at the gate repeatedly, and shook it so hard I thought it might come down, but it held. Finally, the outsider dog lost interest and went away. It was then that I noticed that there were two additional dogs inside the neighbor's back yard. I hope these additional dogs are not permanent residents. My kitty would not be pleased.

I joined Skyscraper City out of irritation, because I kept finding mistakes in their forums. I intend to be a total dick and correct all of the users who mislabel the photographs they post. I do this because I have no life outside teh Internets. And I'm a geography prig.

I haven't heard the woodpecker trying to drill a hole in the mailbox for a while now, but I just heard a small yet remarkably raucous flock of geese flying north. They've certainly left their migration until awfully late. As I've left my bedtime.

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