rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The full moon had Jupiter keeping it company tonight. I was keeping both of them company, but stayed well hidden. Now that the mulberry foliage has grown dense, I can lurk in its deep shadow through most of even the brightest moonlit nights. The nights remain pleasantly cool, too, and that seems to keep the pollen to a minimum during those hours. I'm glad I'm nocturnal. During the hours of darkness I can almost recover from the days.

I spent some time poking around on, reading message boards from high schools I didn't go to but which were located in neighborhoods within a few miles of mine- all of them neighborhoods somewhat more well-to-do than the one in which I grew up. It was depressing. They were full of crotchety old farts flaunting their ignorance, their bigotry and their sour hostility toward anything outside their narrow experience. The really depressing thing was that most of these grumps were younger than I am.

Here's the problem; When do I get to turn into an obnoxious old curmudgeon? I'm beginning to think that I've got some sort of glandular disorder that prevents me from acting my age. And I was so looking forward to shaking sticks at kids someday. Instead, I feel like shaking sticks at stupid people much closer to my own age. I guess things just never work out the way you expect.

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