rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still Pollinated

Yesterday, a crane fly was perched on the wall in my hallway for hours. Last night, it finally bestirred itself, and I was keeping an eye out for it. Often, they find their way to a window and buzz against the screen. If I open the screen I can usually shoo them outdoors. This one, unfortunately, attracted the attention of the cat. The last time I saw it alive, it was circling a living room lamp, with the cat watching it. A few minutes later, I noticed something on the floor in the kitchen. It turned out to be little bits of crane fly wings. I guess those are the parts that don't taste good to a kitty. Poor bug.

Last night, the moon was almost full, and its brightness was only moderated by thin clouds as it began to sink behind the pines. This morning, the clouds have become little fluffy sheep of the sort that usually mark the beginning of a very warm day. The combination of heat and pine pollen is quite apt to leave me very nearly incapacitated. The squirrels are obviously not allergic to the pine pollen. A couple of them are bounding up and down a tree across the street right now. Where do they get the energy? Maybe I should go on an acorn diet.

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