rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The crisp and lacy night shadows of winter are gone, their intricate tracery replaced by the dappling of spring's young foliage. The bushes in need of trimming cast spiky shadows, and the pines their usual bulky darkness interspersed with a few patches of light. Soon, it will all be summer denseness, and the nights will have lost much of their detail. Already the mulberry's foliage has grown so thick that only a few stars can be seen through it. The sky shrinks a bit each night.

Last night, the single frog who has taken up residence in a nearby yard was joined by a companion. Their croaks alternated rapidly, one deeper than the other. I now suspect them of having been doing it! I'll bet there's a whole bunch of frog spawn over there now. It's not often I get to listen to amphibian porn.

I heard deer walk by late in the night, but I couldn't see them. I also had to rescue a small, suicidal flying insect that tried to drown itself in my water glass. It reminded me that moth season is almost here. I might leave the back porch light on for a few nights to see if any nocturnal lepidoptera are at large yet. I saw the first hummingbird of the year a couple of days ago, but so far no butterflies. Soon, probably.

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