rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Moon growing brighter and remaining aloft longer each night, air being pleasantly cool and scented with all the aromas of spring growth, frogs and night birds being in full voice, I now find the outdoors so alluring that I spend little time in the house for anything but essential tasks. The cat spent more of the night indoors than I did. She didn't even rouse herself from the comfy chair when the tantalizing aroma of skunk drifted by. I guess she isn't interested in seeing the oddly-striped kitty anymore. I was unable to see the skunk myself, of course, as even the brightest moon cannot give me nocturnal vision that acute, but I enjoyed the smell of it, though it made me crave a slightly skunky beer. Alas, that I have only fresh, non-skunky Sierra Nevada Porter on hand.

Dawn well on its way, but the day will be fairly cool. I think the weather has finally managed to synchronize itself with the calendar, for a while at least. It very closely resembles May at the moment. I hope it lasts.

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