rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

One place or another

This evening, the mostly cloudy sky held dozens of shades of several colors. Soft-edged patches of blue, masses of grey and mauve clouds, some of them still sporting topknots of white, and streaks of orange and rose both along the western horizon and across the higher reaches of the sky.

But I found myself imagining what the sky must look like in Los Angeles, now, with the Santa Ana winds blowing. I remember evenings of astonishing clarity this time of year, with the lights of the city beginning to glitter across the miles of hills and valleys under a darkening blue sky swept clean by the wind.

Here, I need a jacket to enjoy the evening without shivering. There, the air would now be warmer than it was at mid-day here. I miss those marvelous winds, shaking the palm fronds loose and sending the dried bougainvillea blossoms rattling along the pavements. Why can't I be in two places at once?

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