rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A big frog has moved closer to the house, probably within two hundred feet. It's almost a baritone, and might become a basso if it survives long enough. The creature's croaks are quite loud, and could attract the attention of some nocturnal predator. At least it's unlikely to face death by dehydration. The neighborhood is extensively landscaped, and much irrigation takes place. There will be no water shortage here this summer, the mountain snow-pack being thick and the reservoirs already so full that water is being released into the streams to make room for the coming snow-melt. Each time I pass by a local stream these days, even those which do not receive water being released from a dam, I'm surprised at how full it is and how swiftly it is flowing. Even should summer prove to be torrid, the frog will enjoy cool places of refuge in the well-watered plant beds of our suburban yards. All he needs to do is avoid being eaten.

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