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Hmph. My friends page opened, but I couldn't get any comment pages or the update page to open for a couple of hours. Even the LJ Status page wouldn't open, and that's located at an entirely different site with its own servers (it was probably overloaded with users trying to find out what was wrong.) I wonder what terrible, stupid thing they did this time? Maybe LJ needs a DeadJournal to keep in touch with its own users.

Anyway, while locked out, I got to visit other sites and found two oddities. Here's Dead Malls, a site (obviously) all about dead malls. For some reason, dead malls make me happy. Urbanite schadenfreude?

In a similar vein, but on the bizarre side, here's the Urban Dead Wiki. Here's what it's about:
Urban Dead is an HTML/text-based MMORPG created by Kevan Davis. The game went live in July 2005.Set in a quarantined region of the fictional city of Malton, it deals with the immediate aftermath of a zombie outbreak. New players can start as a human or zombie, each with different abilities and limitations.In nearly four months, Urban Dead has garnered over 200,000 registered players. Statistics for the wiki are available as well.

Ooh, zombies! Cool! I wonder if they attacked LJ's servers?

Out of time.

Oops! Doing apreview of this post, Opera's spellcheck suddenly began seeing a bunch of Spanish words that I knew weren't in the post. I checked me text and found that something had added a bunch of Spamish Spanish at the bottom of the update box. WTF?! Virus? Trojan? Worm? On my computer? In LJ's code somewhere? I have no idea. I've deleted it and previewed again, and it looks to be truly gone. Weird.

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